Phases Changes Experiment

Criterion E: Processing Data – Phase Changes In H20 Graph Rubric
Student Name: Date: ___
This criterion refers to a student’s ability to organize and process data. It also shows the students ability to create tables, graphs and charts and from that information draw and explain appropriate conclusions
Criterion E
Level 1-2
Level 3-4
Level 5-6
To obtain this level I must include the following in my procedure
· Is missing more than 2 key elements of the graph
· A very basic conclusion, did not support it with data
· Is missing 1-2 key elements of the graph
· Made concluding statement but did not fully support it with good data

· Has appropriate title for graph
· Has axis’s labeled properly
· Has included units in axis headings
· Has put the Independent and Dependent Variables on the correct axis’s
· Has appropriate scale
· Has plotted information correctly on graph
· Has selected correct graph style to represent the data correctly
· Has used a ruler and graph is neatly done
· Made a concluding statement and supported it with data


Phase changes conclusion

  1. At what temperatures did water change states?
  2. What evidence do you have to support this?
  3. What important observations were made and at what temperatures?
  4. What are the important parts of your tabled/graphed data? Why?