States of Matter- Vocabulary

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    • Matter: has mass and occupies space
    • States of matter: the forms that different phases of matter take on
    • Melting (liquefaction): when a solid turns to a liquid
    • Freezing (solidification): when a liquid turns to a solid
    • Condensing: when a gas turns to a liquid
    • Vapourizing (Evaporation): when a liquid turns to a gas
    • Sublimation: when a solid turns into a gas, or a gas into a solid
    • Solid: hard, holds shape, low energy level and atoms move slightly
    • Liquid: between solid and gas, takes shape of container, can pour, more energy than solids, atoms more free to move
    • Gas: high energy level, atoms free to move, fills any container
    • Physical Change: substance changes form because of amount of energy, but does not change atom structure