Lesson 7 - Is it solid or liquid experiment??


Phases or States of Matter
What is it??

What are the 5 phases/states of Matter?
BE Condensate


Solid at level low temperature

Atoms clump together

Creates one super atom

Like gases but not in atom form

Positive and negative parts float freely

Super hot
Energy Level:
Extremely low
Energy Level:
Energy Level:
Energy Level:
Energy Level:
Extremely high

Research Question: To discover what phase of matter does cornstarch and water form.

Hypothesis: I think that the mystery substance and water will form a solid/liquid becauseā€¦

1. collect all the required materials
2. measure the correct amount of cornstarch (300g)using triple beam balance
3. measure correct amount of water (200mL) using graduated cylinder
4. slowly mix the water with the cornstarch, using hands to mix
5. after substance is created, conduct the different tests
6. record your observations in the table
7. make conclusion whether test means substance is solid or liquid

Poke Test (fast)
Quickly poke finger into substance

Poke Test (Slow)
Slowly poke finger into substance

Finger Pull Test I
(when finger is in substance, quickly try and pull it out)

Finger Pull Test II
(when finger is in substance, slowly try and pull it out)

Squeeze Test
Squeeze a small amount of substance in your hand

Drop Test
Drop a fist full of substance onto lab table

Pour Test
Try and pour the substance from beaker onto lab table

Container Test
Try and pour substance from one container to another

Pencil test
Hit pencil hard on substance, then drop pencil onto substance

Your Own Test

Conclusion: What happened??

Based on your findings from the experiments explain whether the substance is a solid or a liquid. Use your results to help in your decision: You can use diagrams to help explain your decision:
Go to http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-non-newtonian-fluid.htm and in your own words explain what the substance actually is. Also, what could a possible future use of the substance be?